Project Details: New Custom Home in Chilliwack, British Columbia



A balance of light and dark hit the senses as one enters this rustically sophisticated kitchen. Lighthearted and lovely, the Perimeter cabinets are done in ‘Silver Lining’ Painted and Glazed MDF Raised Panel Doors with ‘Rustic Pewter’ Handles and Pulls which are also displayed on the Varied Height Upper Cabinets. This Custom Made Heritage Hood with Custom Corbels is a pleasantly dramatic statement. It is large, but not intrusive. There is a lot of storage in the two long narrow cabinets on either side that balance the four square Raised Panel doors about the Range Hood.

A sparkling feature in the Kitchen is the Custom Made Upper Cabinet with Clipped Open Shelving and Glass Framed Doors. These beautiful doors give illusions of shapes without showing the detail behind the glass.

Custom made corbels give character and charm to the kitchen and enhance the grandeur of the cabinets that make up the range hood and beneath the Peninsula with V-Groove Bar Back being tied into the whole design concept.

Convenience in a Kick Drawer. This aesthetically pleasing drawer is beneath the oven is used to house any extras in the kitchen that are not needed as frequently.

Custom Pucklight Shelves house the Under Cabinet Lighting that brings light to the far corners of the kitchen, giving the home owners a chance to display this fruit bowl and use it as a focal point.

For anyone who spends any amount of time in the kitchen, they know how convenient and wonderful it would be to have this Custom Built Flour and Sugar Drawer within reach. No more walking away from your prep station to find the buckets or bags that need to be dug into or poured out into measuring cups or bowls, possibly creating a mess.

Perfectly showing off the ‘Silver Lining’ Paint on the Cabinets and the ‘Rustic Pewter’ Drawer Pulls is the Laminate Covetop Countertops in ‘Pionite – Shooting Star’ with a 2” wrap over edge, which grounds this white kitchen with warmth and balance.

Fridge Wall

Adjacent to the Custom Range Hood is the Fridge Wall of Cabinets made with ‘Rustic Alder’ with a dark ‘Charcoal Stained’ with Pro-V Flat-Panel Shaker Doors. The cabinets sport the same ‘Rustic Pewter’ Handles and Pulls as the rest of the kitchen, creating continuity between the colour design differences in the kitchen.

Double duty is achieved here with a secondary wall oven beside the fridge. Extra baking space would be dream for the Chef of this kitchen who would be able to make many goodies at once or cook for a large gathering.

Creating an eye catching change to the darker cabinets is the Custom Built Angled Pantry with Glass Framed Door that provides an enigmatic glimpse of what lies beyond the doors.

Above the wall in oven is a Wine Bottle Rack that bookends the Finished Microwave Opening, keeping the wine selection within reach and out of the reach of tiny hands.

Pantry Wall

A long expanse of ‘Silver Lining’ Painted and Glazed MDF Raised Panel Doors with ‘Rustic Pewter’ Handles and Pulls adds interest to the home and hallway off of the kitchen, providing an enormous amount of storage space for the home.

White Melamine Pullout Drawers in the Pantry Wall are hidden beneath the cabinets making it easier and more convenient to store and remove items.

Laundry Room

Just off of the kitchen is this a charming, clean and crisp laundry room, that sits contentedly in its own little nook with a window. We see the same style cabinets as in the kitchen, ‘Silver Lining’ Painted and Glazed MDF Raised Panel Doors with ‘Rustic Pewter’ Handles and Pulls, pulling together a cohesive look in the home while providing storage to all laundry items. There is a multitude of convenience added having the Laundry Room right off the kitchen, as this enables one to cover less ground to get chores done.

Positioned beneath the washer and dryer is a rustic panel design Custom Made washer and dryer Pedestal to hide plumbing. Another benefit to having the raised dryer is ease of loading and unloading laundry.